Did you ever hear that shoes reflect personality? We heard someone saying that whether you are all set for a formal meeting or a casual gathering, the first thing that would get noticed about you is your footwear! It is like putting your first impression on people. We found it strange, but it is true somewhere.


Saucony Triumph 17 Review
Saucony Triumph 17 Review

Some people love simple, minimalist, adorable yet comfortable shoes, and then comes people who want challenging, aggressive, and dynamic sneakers. But if you are looking for shoes with a dual personality, something like a thrilling combo of the long-distance cruiser and cotton candy ground with never-ending softness. Saucony Triumph 17 has got you.

It is resilient, high mileage, long-distance, highly cushioned with soft plush, durable and ultra-stable, a perfect dream sneaker for neutral feet. This Saucony triumph 17 review will unleash all the spectacular features of these shoes, so stay seated for ten more minutes and then make a deal.

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Saucony Triumph 17 Review

Saucony Triumph 17 Running Shoes Review – Upper Unit Construction

Saucony Triumph 17 Running Shoes Review About Upper Unit Construction
Saucony Triumph 17 Running Shoes Review About Upper Unit Construction


The whole upper covering of Saucony triumph 17 is based on the perfect blend of synthetic and mesh. Considering their utility, it enhances riders’ performance, and their efficient ventilated system is top-notch. They let maximum air come in and out, ensuring that your feet won’t get overheated and worn out only after running a few miles.

Saucony triumph 17 provides a sumptuous and secure locked-in fit that cradles your feet from sliding and keeps them at their place throughout the pavement. The other splendid achievement that needed to be in the spotlight in this Saucony triumph 17 review is the absolute elimination of the ISOfit system. We are calling it an achievement in this way that by removing the ISOfit system, the shoe has become surprisingly soft enough to be listed top in the category of maximum cushioned shoes. These ultra-soft perceptions, along with a robust upper, result in pillow-soft comfort to the whole foot.

It has thick and tubular, durable quality cords of laces that are easy to handle and contribute to structural stability at its very best.

Tongue and heel counter

Saucony Triumph 17 has the most thickened and highly padded tongue when incorporated with a cushioned heel counter. They not only impart snug fitting to the shoes. But also keep your feet from losing balance, also prevent slippery heels, and provide a feeling of ecstasy to your painful arches, Achilles tendon, flexor tendon, sore knees, and whatever the discomfort is.

Toe box

The toe box is average in size, not too loose to roll your feet, and not too tight to cause bristles. These are perfectly made true to a size big enough to let your toe splay comfortably.

It will take a little time to reconcile with extra soft upper and high stack height, but few runs will do the work.

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Review of Saucony Triumph 17 Running Shoes – Sole Unit

Review of Saucony Triumph 17 Running Shoes Regarding Sole Unit
Review of Saucony Triumph 17 Running Shoes Regarding Sole Unit


The biggest addiction about Saucony triumph 17 running shoes is their striking PWR RUN+ midsoles that is the most remarkable blend of ultra-powerful responsiveness and flexibility. With 25 percent lightweight cushioning than previous versions, your feet would feel like rolling on the road without any pressure.

A Saucony triumph 17 user mentioned that:

“PWR RUN cushioning is molded in such a way that cushioning absorbs a maximum of impact without giving up on underfoot rectitude.”

The springiness might not combat other running shoes, but it doesn’t hold you back either. It is durable enough to go on the vigorous, rugged pavement, high mileage runs, recover runs, or long-distance runs. They never run out of comfort and are soft enough to handle worn-out, weary feet.

You might be mistaking softness with responsiveness but:

“You put them on, and you land smoothly. The heel feels amazing, it doesn’t make you feel like sinking inside the pillow.”

Comparing the review of Saucony triumph 17 with its previous versions make it sure that they have twice the flexibility, double the agility, and maximum rebound.


No Saucony triumph review is complete without talking about their enticing form-fit insoles as if POWERFLEX midsoles are electrifying engines, and insoles are the high octane diesel without which the engine is of no use.

They deliver pinnacle softness, conform 360 degrees comfort all around the feet and provide a perfect ideal glove-like fit that cradles your feet. No matter how bad the weather is, how complicated the path is and how weak your feet are, Saucony is being made to combat every stress.


The most surprising and fantastic thing about the Saucony triumph 17 is their immensely durable, blown rubber outsoles of two kinds. This vigorous pair of rubber is outspread all around the outsoles, assisting them in providing sticky traction and secure propulsive consequences.

Few pieces of ultra-grippy rubber compounds are placed on critical areas prone to injuries such as heels and under the big toe to take the protective feature to a whole new level and a tremendous sense of serenity along with aggressive traction.

When you wear Saucony triumph 17 at first, you would feel like the outsoles are covered with glue sticking to the ground, but their traction on wet, slippery areas is no joke.

Pros and cons

  • Deluxe cushioning
  • Premium comfort
  • Plush softness
  • Classy look
  • Sticky outsoles
  • Extremely lightweight
  • 8mm drop in heels
  • Optimum shock absorption
  • Roomy toe box
  • Suitable for high mileage runs
  • Few users found them a little bulky
  • Might lose control due to high stack height on uneven places


This Saucony triumph 17 review contemplates Saucony to be an ideal pair of trainers for neutral runners. They got flexibility, and they got class, luxurious cushioning that doesn’t let rebound fade away. They play both roles providing recovery runs as your everyday go-to shoes, and superb durability and premium comfort are boosters for high mileage runs, respectively.

“You have tried many shoes while looking for a perfect one, and this is it! Saucony women’s triumph 17 running shoes are amazing with softness and deliver good support, bounce, and cushioning. As You are a nurse, You have a standing job for 13 hours, and these shoes take great care of my feet for the time being.”

Saucony men’s triumph 17 running shoes are my favorite trainers as a marathon runner. They break in just a moment you put them on, lightweight and true to fit.No matter if you are an athlete or just looking for a comfortable pair of sneakers, they will do the job.”

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