Saucony Triumph 18 Review

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Saucony triumph 18 didn’t take much time to come to the board. It was just six months after the release of Saucony triumph 17 rather than one year. According to runners, Saucony triumph 17 was just perfect regarding comfort and stability, so thinking about what could have been changed and ingenious in the new version is all impulsive and well expected from the audience.

The makers themselves gave Saucony triumph 18 review and stated that this new upgrade has a more streamlined configuration, midsoles are a huge innovation, and the outsoles are just unimaginable. It was like a Saucony 17 VS Saucony 18 kind of situation, and the company had to prove that the new improvements were worth it.


Saucony Triumph 18 Review
Saucony Triumph 18 Review

Saucony triumph 18 is unquestionably a top-max cushioned neutral shoe for runners that contribute a lot in bringing comfortable yet snappier long-distance rides.

They have everything that everyone dreams of in a running cruiser, and you might be curious what those features are. So, without further ado, let’s get started with the Saucony triumph 18 review.

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Saucony Triumph 18 Review

Review of Saucony Triumph 18 Running Shoes – Upper Unit Explained

Review of Saucony Triumph 18 Running Shoes- Upper Unit Explained
Review of Saucony Triumph 18 Running Shoes- Upper Unit Explained

Mesh upper

It got thinner, more breathable, and extremely soft and comfortable. Engineered jacquard mesh upper with smooth, velvety lines gives a whole royal, luxurious perception when you put them on. They acquire thick moisture-absorbing padding that gets heavy after a long hectic day and gets overheated in summer. So, it is still not the very best shoes to wear during summer.

Midfoot overlays are eliminated from Saucony triumph 18 running shoes with enhanced comfort, and the latest overlays protect severe surfaces. TRI-FLEX design with a reflective Saucony logo strengthens the pace of transitions and flexibility and facilitates vision in the dark.

Laces are the same as in triumph 17, soft and flexible but get fray, worn out, and fluffy with time.

Heel counter

The major impressive improvement that deserves the spotlight in the Saucony triumph review is the insertion of a solid, internal heel counter with reflective strips in heels that augment structural support in the heel sector and firm and impressive lockdown capability.

Saucony 18 features a roomy toe box that gives space to splay your toes, and as the heel counter is not chunky, so they cradle the foot at the back of the shoes, leaving space at the forefront area.


The tongue is glued with inner sleeves to prevent overloading and is extremely thick and well-cushioned, protecting your feet from getting rubbed by laces pressure.

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Saucony Triumph 18 Running Shoes Review – Soles Unit

Saucony Triumph 18 Running Shoes Review About Their Soles Unit
Saucony Triumph 18 Running Shoes Review About Their Soles Unit


It is hard to believe that you will enjoy every feature that is being marketed about the product, right? Saucony has always been a firm shoe rather than holding on to plush softness, so PWR RUN cushioning was new to triumph wearers since 17, and this brand new features stormed the market with its top-notch quality and reliability.

On doing deepest contemplation of this Saucony triumph 18 review with others, you will get to know that people’s obsession with these is not monotonous. Where PWR RUN cushioning with 25% lighter rebound and TPU midsoles unite, there is a blast.

The softness of PWR RUN cushioning is not seasonal, as some shoes start giving a hard feel in winters that negatively affect arches. Being short-tempered gives a quick response to every strike and is compassionate enough to give double the energy you spend on hitting the ground. This top pop springiness doesn’t let you get tired easily.

TPU top soles account for keeping the foot closer to the cushioning, just like sinking into the foam to generate quick, snappy transitions and instant responsiveness. In the end, you experience plush comfort, shock attenuation, security, and efficiency spontaneously.

The base of midsoles is broad enough to let your feet feel planted, and midsoles are outspread as the rim surrounding the shoes that cradle your feet and keep them centered.


If you compare the review of Saucony triumph 18 from its predecessor, you’ll notice a huge change in triumph 18 outsoles. Whole outsoles construction is based exclusively on blown rubber rather than a blend of crystal and blown rubber outsoles like in triumph 17.

The major advantage behind the farewell of crystal rubber is that you won’t slide anymore on wet and greasy surfaces and will encounter more smooth and relentless rides ahead.

When you open the box, you will see two wide grooves running vertically on the forefoot that adds to traction and provides utmost stability. Even though crystal rubber has lost its presence in triumph 18, outsoles are durable enough to generate high mileage and recovery runs flawlessly.


We compared Saucony triumph 18 with a lot of triumph 17. They are based on Formfit technology that helps to provide flexibility and sock-like fit to enhance performance and relief to painful arches. Midsoles are upgraded, outsoles are touched up, but insoles don’t seem to change that much.

Pros and cons

  • Highly springy
  • Bottomless cushioning
  • Soft landings
  • Utmost stability
  • Improved outsoles traction and durability
  • Soft, opulent breathable upper
  • Better grip on wet surfaces
  • Tough, solid heel counter
  • Ultra-soft midsoles
  • Shock attenuation at their best
  • Great energy return
  • Appealing colors
  • On a bulky side
  • It gets overheated in summers
  • Laces fray pretty soon


We hope that this Saucony triumph 18 review would have helped you understand every feature very well, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that its spectacular features completely do justice to its price, right?

Their streamlined shape upper reduces all the drag exclusively, so you spend minimum energy and achieve maximum productivity. Their ultra-soft midsole doesn’t affect your efficiency even when you feel like sinking, and soft landings are all needed to ensure runners’ safety and stability.

A few words of appreciation from recent Saucony wearers might cheer you up, so why not!

Saucony men’s triumph 18 running shoes are less bulky than T17, cushioned around the collar, and the best part is that heel doesn’t cause any inconvenience to my Achilles. Just loved them”

“You are a supinator and do have high arches and despite looking so hard for finding shoes to help me walk longer, You couldn’t. Saucony women’s triumph 18 running shoes are the best ones that You got yet. Brilliant arch support, well-padded and roomy toe box has got me all delighted. If you are also suffering from supination or have high arches, these are a must-have.”