Hoka One One Clifton 7 Review

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Feet are like taste buds; sometimes, crave a soft, sweet, and comfortable ride on a marshmallow when in pain and feel a bit sick after constant heavy, occupied weeks. Then there are days when they are all active, excited, and want spice and crisp enough to accomplish intense workouts and long-distance rides.

Here is the Hoka One One Clifton 7 Review so that you can get an idea of what can be best for you.


Hoka one one Clifton 7
Hoka one one Clifton 7

What are your feet craving for right now? If they are craving something soft, then this Hoka one one Clifton 7 is just for you! It is not very different from Hoka one one Clifton 6, but they have a few unique elements worth your attention.

This Hoka one one Clifton 7 review will cover all of the prime features so that you won’t have any remaining doubts regarding their expertise.

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Hoka One One Clifton 7 Review

Review of Hoka One One Clifton 7 Running Shoes About the Upper Unit

Review of Hoka one one Clifton 7 running shoes about the upper unit
Review of Hoka one one Clifton 7 running shoes about the upper unit

Redesigned mesh upper

While going through several reviews, you might have got an idea that Hoka one one Clifton 7 looks like a twin to Clifton 6 but Damn! It has some exceptional capabilities that make it superior to Clifton 6.

The significant improvement that got the spotlight in nearly every Hoka one one Clifton 7 review is its open engineered breathable mesh upper. It is modish, lightweight, and breathable textile lining proves its support by providing abrasion-free wear. Due to its sheer thickness, it gives a sandwich-like perception with your feet stuffed inside.

Clifton 7 has got rid of bulky and grumpy overlays, and 3D bands are placed at their place to provide pliable support and a more secure and comfortable fit. Clifton 7 is an avid trainer who knows how to protect your feet from suffering, so this time it showed up with a proper size fit for more natural and balanced rides everywhere you go.

Heel collar

Say no to old-fashioned hooked heel collars and get more durable, stunning vertical Achilles collars entitled as rear elf rear pull tab. This unique feature adds class to your brand new trainers and provides easy on and off amenities along with enhanced security and true support to painful Achilles.

While comparing Hoka one one Clifton 7 review with Clifton 6 reviews, you will witness a most repeated issue with sliding tongue that Clifton 7 has already resolved. It is fastened with a more lightweight and gusseted tongue that has eliminated all the reported discomforts and gives promising lockdown fit in the midfoot region and contributes further to the security.


If your feet don’t fit in narrow tow boxes and you are just going through this review, expect a wide toe box with crossed fingers!.

Clifton 7 has come up with a roomy toe box that doesn’t let your feet get stiffened anymore and provides ample space to make room for even medium-sized feet pleasingly.

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Hoka One One Clifton 7 Running Shoes Review Featuring Stunning Sole Unit

Hoka one one Clifton 7 running shoes review featuring stunning sole unit
Hoka one one Clifton 7 running shoes review featuring stunning sole unit


Hoka one one Clifton 7 has no significant changes in its midsoles and is equipped with the same signature compression-molded EVA midsoles rich in cushioning and extreme comfort. Have the ability and enough resilience to mold themselves to your movements and encourage worry-free rides. There is no single review of Hoka one one Clifton 7 that doesn’t talk about their phenomenal shock absorption ability.

The stack height of 24mm on the forefoot and 29mm under the heel is why forefoot strikers adore them that much. A perfect fusion of rounded soles and lower drop endorse effortless transitions, giving little to no ground feels.

Hoka one one Clifton 7 running shoes have dynamic Meta rocker technology that swivel you over gravel without bothering your feet. And rocket shape soars you while cutting the effect of air and providing instant rebound all over the track, enhancing efficiency and assisting in regaining feet health.

A slight drawback about midsoles is that they are too soft to deal with heavy wear and tear. They are cushioned enough to safeguard your feet from unhealthy situations, but that softness is the primary aspect behind masking its full potential.


Abrasion-resistant rubber outsoles are an excellent match of ideal responsiveness and rugged traction. Few blown rubbers are spotted on high-impact areas and provide remarkable durability and stability all over the terrain.


Its Ortho lite removable insoles with highly padded foam add further to cushioning. They provide optimum arch support and alleviation for overpronators while keeping the feet in a neutral position.

You can remove them as per your comfort, and insoles play a huge role in maintaining the right posture of both foot and body to avoid any injuries that can happen out of the blue.

Pros and cons

  • Reduce pressure caused by body weight
  • Gusseted tongue
  • Achilles Collar
  • Enhanced rearfoot stability
  • Lightweight
  • Plush comfort
  • Alleviate overpronation
  • Great arch support
  • Affordable
  • True to size
  • Not suitable for long-distance running
  • Gets overheated in summers
  • Softness mask responsiveness


Let’s wrap this Hoka one one Clifton 7 review up by briefly recalling all the stunning features that Clifton 7 has devoted itself to.

They are tremendously lightweight, maximum cushion shoes with exquisite looks that reflect a bold side of your personality. Comparatively, Clifton 6 they are more flexible and durable, and a few things are yet to be improved, including its moderate rebound and sandwiched upper that needs to provide more airflow to be endurable for scorching summer waves.

Few of Clifton fellows want to say something to you.

“Hats off to the most comfortable shoes that we have ever worn. We had crazy plantar fasciitis, but Hoka one one men’s Clifton 7 running shoes have fixed the pain to the Nth degree of comfort. All we wanna say is that you won’t regret your investment.”

“We made a random purchase while looking for sneakers with utmost cushioning and immense support. Hoka one one women’s Clifton 7 running shoes are beyond expectations. They gave me relief from my painful arches and sore knees unexpectedly.”