Salomon Speed Cross 5 Review

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With every new edition, Salomon is bringing recent advancements in their shoes, and so as with Salomon speed cross 5. Their award-winning phenomenal traction and exceedingly padded tongue have made them hit the industry standards in no time. They have got a little wider and have brought more cushioning on the forefoot region to ensure safety and promising comfort.


Salomon Speed Cross 5 Review
Salomon Speed Cross 5 Review

If you were looking for a new shoe to continue with your backpack journey, then this Salomon speed cross 5 review is just for you! Stay updated and choose the best.

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Salomon Speed Cross 5 Review

Review of Salomon Speed Cross 5 Trail Running Shoe – Upper Unit

A Detailed Salomon Speed Cross 5 Trail Running Shoes-Upper Unit
A Detailed Salomon Speed Cross 5 Trail Running Shoes-Upper Unit

Anti-debris mesh upper

Curious about knowing the recipe behind this coolest mesh upper? Stay with us in this review of Salomon speed cross 5 and witness it all yourself. This anti-debris mesh upper has no match. It works like a bodyguard that just doesn’t let any dirt or unwanted debris, whether you are on a muddy trail or an entire rocky surface, and its breathability feature doesn’t let your feet suffocate.

However, these show breathability, but to a very limited extent. They keep them ventilated and dry all day. And as they lack Gore-Tex technology, resistivity from water is not top tier.

Next comes its seamless upper appointed by welded construction in harmony with sensitive technology. Being that said, sensitive technology has expertise in cradling your feet starting from midsoles to laces and is capable of giving a sock-like fit to your feet and marshmallow comfort.

Toe cap

There is a toe cap reaching to the outsoles coming via the front part of the shoes, passing through the backside of the midfoot, and finally, meet the heel portion and cater safety from hard metal rocks and pin sharpened thorns.

As per Salomon speed cross review, these shoes are ampler than previous versions. They provide a spacious toe box that allows you to wiggle your toes. When it comes to fit moderate-sized heels accommodating sensifit technology perfectly, these shoes leave no exception behind.


When comparing the Salomon speed cross 5 to its previous versions, you would know how its gusseted tongue had gotten hype. But this advancement has eliminated gusseted tongues, so yes! It lacks here, but still, the tongue is highly padded enough to provide ultimate protection from lace-up pressure and keep your foot at its place all the time.

Apart from all of this, its quick lacing system is still in trend and saves the time and efforts that other traditional laces lag in rather than providing safety and the strongest grip. These lace impart a cool look to your shoes along with a customized fit and secure lock. So, whether it is ice or dirt, mud or snow, these quick lace-ups never back out in providing utmost stability and optimum comfort.

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Salomon Speed Cross 5 Trail Running Shoes Review – Sole Unit

Salomon Speed cross 5 trail running shoes review- sole unit
Salomon Speed cross 5 trail running shoe review- sole unit


Salomon Speed cross 5 review is incomplete without adding midsoles, right. If you are a regular Salomon user, you might have felt that cushioning pad to be thinner in the forefoot region, and that’s where Salomon 5 has made a huge improvement. The rock plate is still not added but cushioning is enhanced finely.

Energycell+ compound is geared up to provide you with a spectacular rebound and safeguard your feet from rocky and bumpy surfaces that don’t even let you feel the absence of rock plate. Whether you are a heel striker or midfoot striker, your whole feet are strictly protected from shocks coming on hitting ground surfaces.


Go through this whole Salomon speed cross 5 review, and then you will know why! When looking for running shoes with unbeatable traction, look nowhere else than Salomon. Whether it’s rugged concrete or muddy asphalt, their conta grip TA rubber outsoles always hit the mark with their extra-wide, deep, and sharp toothy lugs that are highly exposed towards the ground. Apart from that,

when it comes to its durability, it is just out of this world that even shows a little to no wear every 400 miles.

Moreover, there is another stunning upgrade brought by Salomon speed cross 5 trail running shoes: its expensive and powerful heel cup. Its substantial size and firm overlays at the bottom take stability on another level.


The thing that is the same and still loved is their molded OrthoLite insoles that We shall mention in the Salomon speed cross 5 review. Comfort is the same but still unbeatable.

They can provide excellent arch support and ensure safety for overpronators who fear landing on trails due to their sensitive feet. Moreover, their top-notch breathability happens to make them dry overnight after a long, drenching day and get themselves molded to your strides.

Pros and cons

  • Strict security
  • Ultimately powerful traction
  • Deep, aggressive lugs
  • Plush, improved comfort
  • Long term durability
  • Wider than previous editions
  • Speed lacing system
  • Less breathable
  • Lack resistance to water
  • The high heel counter might feel a little unstable


Let’s wrap up this Salomon speed cross 5 review with a little rewind. These shoes are the more improved and efficient versions of their previous versions. They got more sticky brutal traction towards slippery floors, got a little wider on the forefoot region, enhanced durability, and improved efficiency have made them the top choice of trail runner.

Let’s have a look at its recent testimonials:

“We have bought Salomon speed cross 5 men’s trail running shoes and trust me these are the best robust shoes ever that provide comfort straight out of the box. We have tried Spartan races and a lot of hiking wearing them and these work awesome to help me in achieving my goals. Traction is just top-notch and its improved lugs have made the descent a breeze for me.”

“You have narrow feet and moderate arches that have made you very picky while purchasing any shoes. Salomon Speed cross 5 women’s trail running shoes are such adorable and thoughtful shoes and you didn’t get any blisters or ankles rubbed, they fit great even with or without ankle support. Moreover, their super grippy traction helps me keep my balance over slippery pavements and an anti-dirt mesh upper makes them perfect trail running shoes one can dream of.”