Asics Gel Kayano 28 Review

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The wonders of ASICS gel Kayano 28 are not hidden from anyone, right? ASICS are the most gossiped about shoes among runners but wait! Did we say “gossiped”! What were you thinking? Yes, it is being whispered, but for its dynamic features, savage stability, unbeatable comfort, robust durability, and glamorous look.

These are the features that every runner dreams of in a trainer that they are going to wear, but there is always one feature that lags, and this only one single feature becomes the reason to make you feel cranky, right? But if you are a regular ASICS wearer, you might not need a review to claim their potential but staying up to date is always the best.


Asics gel Kayano 28
Asics gel Kayano 28

If you are thinking about having a new pair of trainers to add crispness to your performance on the day of the marathon but, despite trying every shoe, haven’t succeeded to find any unique high topped sneakers yet!

Every shoe feels the same, yeah! They are not bad, but you might be looking for some groundbreaking game-changers if we are not wrong! ASICS gel Kayano 28 are sneakers made to win comfort and stability, so why don’t you give them a try too! Give this review a few minutes of yours, and then decide if they are worth your investment.

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Asics Gel Kayano 28 Review

Review of ASICS gel Kayano 28 running shoes concerning its Upper elements

Review of ASICS gel Kayano 28 running shoes concerning its Upper elements
Review of ASICS gel Kayano 28 running shoes concerning its Upper elements


Armed with a highly engineered, super lightweight, and improved mesh upper, they have pinnacle breathability over previous versions keeping in mind the severity of weather these days. To keep your focus on your performance rather than being distracted by dampness and overly exhausted feet due to accumulated heat inside, ASICS gel Kayano 28 running shoes have done all the preparations.

Incorporating bold, pretty colors and a soft, padded tongue, they are well qualified to be your everyday go-to shoes. So wear them with pajamas on for an early morning ride or tracksuit on your way to the ground or gym; they work as the best confidence boosters that reflect your performance.

Someone said a few words as a review of my ASICS gel Kayano 28:

“We happened to meet my friend on my way, and she said, “Oh! Your bright shoes are making me happy right now.”

And we had a feeling like my investment was worth it!

Heel Counter

The heel is the area that suffers from maximum shocks, and if heels are not so enduring, then your feet’ health is at high risk! The experts redesign its heel counter to give a more stable, rugged, and snappy ride. According to our ASICS gel Kayano 28 review, the heel counter is the spirit of shoes and inspiration for runners!

Gel cushioning technology is intentionally placed in heels and forefoot as they are the high-impact areas that get to face every wear and tear directly! So, gel cushioning technology is programmed to encounter all the upcoming shocks.

They either destroy them or reduce their impact, so it doesn’t let them have any severe influence on feet and provide you with a more secure, cozy, powerful, and comfortable ride ahead.

Dynamic DuoMax Support System

Dynamic duo max support system is spread all around the heel cup, catering colossal stability enough to piss every terrain off without causing any inconvenience.

It can alleviate overpronation and gently support the inner edge of your feet and lead to a highly stable and smooth ride with maximum rebound and minimum struggle.

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ASICS gel Kayano 28 running shoes review on its sole unit

ASICS gel Kayano 28 running shoes review on its sole unit
ASICS gel Kayano 28 running shoes review on its sole unit


This time ASICS has come up with a new, more exciting, and electrifying feature in midsoles that will blow your mind.

Highly cushioned Flyte foam technology placed in the midsoles is soft enough to be comfortable and cuddle your feet. Also, trampoline responsiveness and stability are good enough to be fearless while running on wet, greasy roads.

Rearfoot and forefoot gel technology is well accommodated in heels and forefoot, absorbs shocks, and provides effortlessly smooth multiplanes heel-to-toe transitions.

Trusstic system technology is another significant achievement of ASICS gel Kayano. They lessen the weight of the soles, alleviate pressure on feet by distributing the weight all around, maintain decency, and keep structural stability always on point.

We hope that this detailed ASICS gel Kayano 28 review on midsoles has made it clearer and better to understand.


High abrasion AHAR outsoles maintain consistency and resilience by keeping a firm grip on slippery floors or bumpy roads with great chances of losing control and getting into severe injuries on which ASICS gel Kayano review was mandatory.

Featuring AHAR fixed in critical areas of outsoles where the impacts attack directly, they provide additional 50% more durability, so you won’t have to change your trainers any time soon.


There are several ASICS gel Kayano 28 reviews on Ortholite X55 insoles. Everyone says different things and combines all of them to conclude that they assist you in customizing comfort, are high in compression, attenuating the influence of shocks, and prove to be highly propulsive during running. Their contribution to stability, comfort, and support is plenty to prove them one of the best running shoes out there.

Pros and cons

  • Full-fledged heel systems
  • Improved durability
  • Plush comfort
  • Bright, pastel colours
  • On-point breathability
  • Rearfoot and forefoot gel technology
  • Ultimate stability
  • Great support to neutral feet
  • Alleviate foot discomforts
  • Excellent traction on multiple surfaces
  • Smooth movement
  • It might feel too soft to handle
  • A little bit narrow


Let’s end the ASICS gel Kayano 28 review with a few endorsements to add more clarity and transparency that will help you to finalize your thoughts and make a wise decision. As these shoes have cushioning based gender-specific phenomenon for an improved fit, we are taking references from both sides:

“We bought ASICS men’s gel Kayano 28 running shoes for my new work because we felt like putting more weights on certain parts of my feet-the reason behind strains. We wore them for about 9 hours, they were amazing and we would recommend buying half size up so you won’t have any stiffness and can enjoy all the features fully.”

“We are wearing ASICS Kayano since its version 18 and this new update is like “WOW”, ASICS women’s gel Kayano 28 running shoes are like walking on clouds barefooted and are the perfect blend of responsiveness, support, and stability.”

Our Verdict

ASICS gel Kayano 28 are the most supportive trainers and go-to shoes for everyone, and for neutral feet, they feel like a blessing. Their absolute comfort, rugged outsoles, and exceptional locked-in fit make them qualified to be the best athletic shoes.

Style them however you want, be confident, and keep going!