8 Best Shoes For Healthcare Workers – Review 2021

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If you’re looking for the best shoes for healthcare workers, then let us tell you that in this article we’re reviewing best shoes for healthcare workers.

Doctors, nurses, and all healthcare workers are front-line soldiers of the medical field, right? It is not wrong to call them superheroes because from fighting with hundreds of diseases to sacrificing their own health and energy, they work so hard and serve humanity with great courage and determination. They work day and night selflessly without thinking about their own selves because they love what they are doing. Hats off to all of them. But before helping others to get healthy you must have your own self energetic and healthy.

Sometimes this hard challenging routine where you have to run from one patient to another all day drains you out and your feet just can’t allow you to co-operate anymore. Your feet can get injured or mostly women get diagnosed with plantar fasciitis in which feet get very painful, and it becomes impossible to work all day.

Best Shoes For Health Care Workers
Best Shoes For Healthcare Workers

To calm your feet down and keep them strengthened, you need the best shoes for yourself. They will keep you energetic for a long time and will give strength to your tired feet to stand you up and carry on your duty. So, take care of your feet as they are your premium support, and keep going towards your ambitions.

Buying Guide For Best Shoes For Nursing Students


Make sure that you get to buy shoes with high-quality cushioning that runs for a long time providing effective stride for women suffering from plantar fasciitis, and the best shoes for doctors should have all these features as their main attribute.

Shock Absorber

Choose shoes with the ability to absorb shocks and provide you protection from rough surfaces to keep you moving all day.


Best shoes for nurses with plantar fasciitis have the potential to last for a long time. Get yourself shoes made up of quality, water-repellent material that can stay with you in the long run.

Padded Collars

Padded collars work effectively for painful knees and overpronation, not only provides support but also tends to heal plantar fasciitis and many more other painful conditions.

List of Best Shoes For Healthcare Workers

1OOFOS Women's OOmg ShoeOOFOS Women’s OOmg Shoe4.3
2Skechers Women's Comfort Flex Sr Hc Pro Health Care Professional ShoeWomen’s Comfort Flex Sr Hc Pro4.4
3Dansko Women's Professional Patent Petrol ClogsWomen’s Professional Patent Petrol Clogs4.3
4 Nurse Mates Women's Velocity Medical Professional ShoeMates Women’s Velocity Medical Professional4.3
5Brooks Women's Ghost 13 ShoesWomen’s Ghost 13 Shoes4.8
6Dansko Women's Professional ClogWomen’s Professional Clog4.6
7TIOSEBON Women’s Slip-On Lightweight Walking ShoesTIOSEBON Women’s Slip-On Shoes4.4
8New Balance Women's WX608v4 Comfort Pack Training ShoeWomen’s WX608v4 Comfort Pack Training Shoe4.5

Best Shoes For Healthcare Workers

1. OOFOS Women’s OOmg Shoe

OOFOS Women's OOmg Shoe
OOFOS Women’s OOmg Shoe


ColorsBlack/ white or black/black combo
Weight1.23 pounds
Dimensions16 x 7 x 5 inches


OOFOS Women’s OOmg Shoes are specifically made for the treatment of painful feet, lower back, knee pain, pronation, and much more. In case you are doing a job, for example, in a hospital where you have to stand all day, then your feet must get exhausted, and at the end of the day you have no energy left and you just fall asleep.

To keep you running all day with maximum energy, OOFOS is presenting you with one of the best shoes for healthcare workers with its oofoam technology that tends to absorb 37% more shocks than other footwear.

It can heal your chronic plantar fasciitis and will make you able to walk with ease again. It is made very lightweight for seniors for a more natural gait.

  • Super shock absorber
  • High quality cushioning
  • Lightweight
  • Design needs innovation
  • Less durable

2. Skechers Women’s Comfort Flex Sr Hc Pro Health Care Professional Shoe

Skechers Women's Comfort Flex Sr Hc Pro Health Care Professional Shoe
Skechers Women’s Comfort Flex Sr Hc Pro Health Care Professional Shoe


Material100% textile
Sole typeSynthetic sole
Weight11 Ounces
Dimensions5 x 5 x 0.7 inches


Skechers Women’s Comfort Flex Sr Hc Pro Health Care Professional Shoe is trusted as the best shoes for nursing students to perform their duty at their best and keeps them energetic all day. It has the most comfortable cushioning made of air-cool memory foam to give like a cotton candy softness that absorbs the shocks brilliantly.

These Anti-slip and waterproof sneakers keep you going with full confidence even on wet floors and muddy grounds. Furthermore, the low-top arch support provides strength to your ankles and works as a remedy for severe heel pains and plantar fasciitis that is a common problem in women.

Additionally, the well-engineered mesh and lace-up front add breathability and style respectively. Collectively with its stain repellant technology, Skechers shoes are termed as the best shoes for healthcare workers.

  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Soft wear
  • Ankle support
  • A little bit heavy for some users

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3. Dansko Women’s Professional Patent Petrol Clogs

Dansko Women's Professional Patent Petrol Clogs
Dansko Women’s Professional Patent Petrol Clogs


Sole typeSuede sole
Material100% leather


Dansko shoes are completely assembled with pure leather that makes them one of the best shoes for healthcare workers. Dansko Women’s Professional Patent Petrol Clogs’s 2inch high heel protects you from hitting rocks or stones at the bottom of your feet. You can consider this pair of shoes as the best Dansko shoes for nurses.

Leather uppers provide high breathability, resistance to water, enhanced safety, and perfect fitting. These shoes are immensely comfortable for people who have painful feet. Its padded collars keep your ankles relaxed and aligned.

Due to its wide toe box, your toes won’t suffocate. Wide heels provide enough room for a comfortable fit and easy up and down movement of your heels. Moreover, the polyurethane PU midsole for extra comfort Plus anti-fatigue rocker bottom to support an effortless forward motion with impressive shock absorption. These clogs will give you a perfect fit for a long hectic day.

  • Anti-fatigue rocker bottom
  • Padded collars
  • Wide toe box
  • Great ankle support
  • Suede sole can get weary with water
  • Size can be a problem

4. Nurse Mates Women’s Velocity Medical Professional Shoe

Nurse Mates Women's Velocity Medical Professional Shoe
Nurse Mates Women’s Velocity Medical Professional Shoe


BrandNurse Mates
Sole typeLeather and rubber sole
Weight8.96 Ounces
Dimensions13 x 7.2 x 4.3 inches


Nurse Mates Women’s Velocity Medical Professional Shoes are one of the best shoes for nurses with plantar fasciitis. Nurses and doctors have to stand all day serving patients, and if their feet would not cooperate, then it would be hard to perform their duty heedfully.

These shoes are a combination of leather and rubber soles providing increased effect and upgrade stability. The high arch serves as the best feature for overpronation and keeps your lower legs perfectly aligned.

In addition to all these features, its stretchable laces offer an amazing fit for a comfortable stride even with plantar fasciitis or any acute injury. Its lightweight is achieved by EVA bottom that serves as the best shock absorber providing supreme comfort and flexibility.

  • Shock absorber
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Narrow toe box

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5. Brooks Women’s Ghost 13 Shoes

Brooks Women's Ghost 13 Shoes
Brooks Women’s Ghost 13 Shoes


Sole typeRubber sole
Dimensions10 x 15 x 6 inches
Weight2 Pounds


Brooks Women’s Ghost 13 Shoe is the perfect fit for people who need to move in hustle bustle all day and get their feet hurt, or we can say they are the best shoes for female doctors because of their incredible features.

Made of BioMoGo DNA and DNA loft cushioning for the best ever jelly-like squishy cushioning experience. Highly responsive strides, extremely lightweight, and most comfortable feel. Embedded in it are segmented crash pads that are next-level shock absorbers for a smooth, sturdy, and worry-free ride that provide soft and resilient cushioning at every step and effortless, smooth heel-to-toe transitions.

The cool and stretchy laced-up is a highly engineered mesh upper that adds quality breathability and just fits your foot perfectly. Brooks is the best shoes for nurses with a high arch that works magnificently for your lower legs and painful knees and toes.

  • High quality cushioning
  • Smooth transition
  • Stretchy laces
  • Lightweight
  • Less responsive
  • Wide toe box for narrow feet

6. Dansko Women’s Professional Clog

Dansko Women's Professional Clog
Dansko Women’s Professional Clog


Sole typePolyurethane sole
Dimensions0.01 x 0.01 x 0.01 inches
Weight15 Ounces


Are you in search of one of the chic, squishy, and comfortable shoes, then stop right here and have a look at the best Dansko shoes for nurses. Bringing 100% leather-based shoes with long-lasting durability your way. The heel is 0.75 inches high above the ground to keep you away from the probability of hitting your feet and getting injured.

A padded collar provides amazing support to your ankles and lower legs, Keep your knees aligned and work efficiently in case of overpronation. Dansko Women’s Professional Clog has a wide toe box to keep your metatarsals straight and protected with a broad heel zone that allows your heels to move up and down with great ease and stability.

Furthermore, the PU soles are water-resistant and give you very comfortable wear. These shoes will keep you running all day by keeping your feet safe and sound. It got the most stylish and colorful appearance that gives you a trendy and elegant look even in uniform.

  • Broad toe box
  • Wide heel
  • Padded collar
  • Heightened heel
  • Fitting is the problem
  • Can get weary in water

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7. TIOSEBON Women’s Slip-On Lightweight Walking Shoes

TIOSEBON Women’s Slip-On Lightweight Walking Shoes
TIOSEBON Women’s Slip-On Lightweight Walking Shoes


Sole typePhylon sole
Dimensions0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches
Weight1 Pound


TIOSEBON Women’s Slip-On Lightweight Walking Shoes are phylon-based and are one of the best shoes for doctors. Phylon sole makes them immensely lightweight, and they are very effective to carry for long hectic day activities.

Offers comfortable and soft wear with a knit mesh upper for absolute breathability, and its structural stability looks captivating with both formal and casual wear. For extra air to move in, it has a built-in hole on the sole and open mesh for the extreme level of breathability to keep your feet dry and free of germs.

Moreover, the ComforDry sock liner keeps your foot dry and healthy. The additional features that make them stand out among the best shoes for healthcare workers are their lightweight midsole that gives a premium level natural gait cycle with commendable responsiveness and durability.

  • Breathable
  • Comfortable
  • The powerful grip on the ground
  • Lightweight
  • Should be more durable
  • Too soft

8. New Balance Women’s WX608v4 Comfort Pack Training Shoe

New Balance Women's WX608v4 Comfort Pack Training Shoe
New Balance Women’s WX608v4 Comfort Pack Training Shoe


BrandNew Balance
Material100% Leather
Sole typeRubber sole
Dimensions12.6 x 7.9 x 4.5 inches
Weight10.2 Ounces


New Balance Women’s WX608v4 Comfort Pack Training Shoe is a total game-changer when it comes to the most comfortable shoes. New Balance has the finest collection of the best nursing shoes for high arches. Their solid lace upfront presents a stylish look and structural stability that fit your feet very well while giving support to the internal shank.

These shoes will work effectively for knees and heel pain. It has rubber soles that provide amazing resistance on wet floors and traction on different surfaces provides syncing to your every move, and the powerful responsiveness with smooth heel-to-toe transitions is also available.

The shock-absorbing Abzorb technology soaks up all the bumps and doesn’t let you feel any pain while maintaining a comfortable and cozy feel. Furthermore, the IMEVA midsole is here for extra comfort and strength along with a dual-density collar that is softer density foam and firmer density foam for cushioning and support to ankles respectively.

  • Dual Density collar
  • IMEVA midsoles
  • Shock absorbing Abzorb technology
  • Comfortable
  • Supportive and flexible
  • Less durable
  • Sole is a bit hard
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it okay to wear shoes with a narrow toe box in plantar fasciitis?

Of course not, a narrow toe box will press out your metatarsals and will result in sore and painful feet.

Which one is the best shoes for healthcare workers, flat or arch support shoes?

Flat shoes can lead to heel pains as they will have direct contact with the floor and can cause back and knee pain also. Although shoes with arch support provide smooth transition and responsiveness on the ground.

Are casual wear shoes good for running on hard surfaces?

You can wear running shoes casually, but if you use casual shoes for running, then possibly they will wear out in a few days resulting in sore feet.


Dansko women’s professional clog is a highly recommended pair of best shoes for healthcare workers feels like an old close fellow that gives you a sense of pleasure when you look at its chic design, wide heel zone, free up and down movement of the ankle with padded collars. The broad toe box will also give room for metatarsals and premium comfort. Without a doubt, these shoes are rated as the best shoes for nurses with a high arch.