Salomon Speedcross 4 Review

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Another new edition with more stunning and groundbreaking features, a more refined layout, and more powerful sticky traction enough to qualify as your trail running shoes.

We have seen a Salomon Speedcross 4 review, and she said it just right! You will mistake them as football cleats on the first go, and after looking at them, we couldn’t agree more. That’s how impressive their looks are!

Their overly exposed, big lugs and quick lacing system will make you fall for them, and you would feel like wearing them and give everyone a call for a football match.

Another imposing thing about Salomon speed cross 4 is their glove-like fit that is not less than a blessing for narrow feet. Just like its name, its speed lacing system works! While providing quick on and off, they have eliminated the concept of those laces that tend to get loose after every few miles, and you have to tie them now and then.


Salomon Speedcross 4 Review
Salomon Speedcross 4 Review

You are liable to lose balance right in the middle of the hiking that is risky and inconvenient too! Keep scrolling down this Salomon speed cross review and decide if they can be your next trail running shoes!

Excited to explore a few more awesome specs?

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Salomon Speedcross 4 Review

A Detailed Review of Salomon Speed Cross 4 Trail Running Shoes Featuring its Upper Unit

A Detailed Review of Salomon Speed Cross 4 Trail Running Shoes Featuring its Upper Unit
A Detailed Review of Salomon Speed Cross 4 Trail Running Shoes Featuring its Upper Unit


Upper is a whole mesh material that is likely to let your feet breathe in the scorching heat of a sunny day. They work as a ventilator that never lets you get out of breathing for as long as possible.

Salomon Speed cross 4 review states that even if they don’t use gore-tex technology, they don’t provide much resistance from water, but even if your feet have the habit of sweating a lot, these shoes have the potential to keep them dry.

Gusseted tongue

Gusseted tongue is being featured in almost every Salomon speed cross 4 review, but what is the thing that made it that much worthy? Salomon 4 has one of the most padded tongues that will not only provide protection but also prevent any debris, sand, or dirt from entering into your feet and making your trail a whole mess.

The other fabulous thing about it is that it safeguards your feet from lace-up pressure, so tie them up however you want, and don’t worry about your feet getting grinding below them and taking all the freight.

Quick lacing system

How can we forget about this record-breaking lacing system while writing a Salomon speed cross 4 review that is less tiring and more inspiring in its way? With its excellent minimalistic yet robust lace-ups that will get sorted out in just one pull.

Just pull the laces, slide buckle, and ta-da! Here you go. So, if you are also a person who is a shoe lover but hates tieing them up every time you are going out, then Salomon has completely got our back, right?

Apart from saving us time, these exquisitely unique lace-ups never forget about providing true structural stability and perfect fit. They are likely to provide a customized snug fit and secure and cozy comfort as the best hike supporters.

Built-in Sensifit system doesn’t let your feet slide from their balance point and cradle them from midsoles to the lacing system. Also embedded with a lace pocket that contributes to providing easy storage for a speed lacing system.

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Salomon Speed Cross 4 Trail Running Shoes Review- Sole Unit

Salomon Speed Cross 4 Trail Running Shoes Review- Sole Unit
Salomon Speed Cross 4 Trail Running Shoes Review- Sole Unit


Injected EVA energy cells are the signature midsoles of Salomon. Whether they are speed cross or Salomon quest, EVA midsoles are always at the top. Have you ever experienced continuous shocks on your feet while walking on some unpaved road wearing slippers? Feet pain like hell after that, and a few injuries also make their way. Let’s see what the Salomon speed cross 4 review says!

EVA midsoles know nothing rather than absorbing or attenuating those nerve-wracking shocks to give you a healthy and enthusiastic ride. They know to get adjusted with each stride, they are flexibility masters, and on top of that, EVA midsoles reduce the weight of the shoes to a huge extent.

So, if you are going to face a long, rugged, and challenging trail tomorrow and the bag is already full with a lot of stuff, then those Salomon speed cross 4 trail running shoes are all geared up to make things in your favor!


If you have seen Salomon speed cross 4 review, you would have an idea that these shoes have got all of their hype from its revolutionary contagrip TA rubber outsoles. Being straightforward with their looks, these outsoles don’t even give cleats appearance but work like them.

Furthermore, they have super sharp teeth in the bucket, deep aggressive chevron lugs that are as sticky as magic glue even on lustrous floors and muddy surfaces. The presence of the guard doesn’t let dirt and debris agitate outsoles.

Durable, ultra-powerful adhesive lugs with multi-surface traction make these shoes a must-have in your rack if you are an enthusiastic backpacker.


What comes first in your mind if you get to review Salomon speed cross 4 regarding molded Ortho lite sock liners? Their name! That is a true reflection of their functions or say wonders that enhance the efficiency of these booties without compromising on comfort.

OrthoLite midsoles are so high in cushioning that even sick and exhausted feet would find pinnacle comfort while wearing them. They can get molded to match with the contour of your feet, showing their compatibility and resilience.

Ortho lite insoles add to the breathability and improve the hiking experience for people suffering from overpronation, plantar fasciitis, or other discomforts.

Pros and cons

  • Highly cushioned
  • Padded tongue
  • Easy on and off
  • Aggressive deep lugs
  • Extremely flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Moderate breathability
  • Big and tall lugs are a little unsteady
  • Not well suited for wide feet


We tried to make this Salomon speed cross 4 review easy to absorb, so let’s have a quick recall of all those appealing features. If you are looking for aggressive efficiency and expertise in your performance on rugged trails and extra smooth surfaces, then Salomon speed cross 4 is seeking you. They are lightweight, durable, well performers, comfortable, and amazing shock absorbers that you can own and add crisp into your upcoming hike journeys ahead.

Few testimonies of people who are using these shoes.

“Thumbs up to the most durable trail shoes that we have ever worn. If you have tried Salomon speed cross 4 men’s trail running shoes in South America, the Appalachian trail, and so on and you must say that these shoes have got some strength man! They just won’t break.”

“If you are just in love with Salomon speed cross 4 women’s trail running shoes. you have plantar fasciitis so choosing the right shoe has never been easy. They have always been comfortable right from the start, you are super happy that you discovered them.”