Nike Air Zoom BB NXT Review

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Nike has done it again with the release of their new Nike Air Zoom BB NXT shoe. This is an updated version of the popular BB line that started a long time ago. The latest model features a lightweight design, which is perfect for any active lifestyle.

It also delivers enhanced durability and flexibility to help you get through even your toughest workouts without fatigue or discomfort.

If you are looking for a lighter-weight shoe that still offers good support then check out this Nike Air Zoom BB NXT Review before making your purchase!


Nike Air Zoom BB NXT Review
Nike Air Zoom BB NXT Review

The Nike Zoom BB NXT is one of the newest shoes by Nike. This shoe has many features that are beneficial to basketball players everywhere. Some of these features include an amazing support system, which provides more stability for your feet while running; it also has an inner bootie design that keeps your foot locked in place while you run.

The midsole offers lightweight cushioning through its foam construction, which helps make each step feel like nothing at all. So, the question that arises from many users is that is it worth the overall cost of $130?

To answer that question, you must first ask yourself this: What are the benefits of owning a shoe that has around a $130 price tag? If you feel that the answer is “nothing” then look no further than Nike’s new Air Zoom BB NXT. It is a performance shoe that many basketball players have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy as long as they wear it.

Nike Air Zoom BB NXT Review


Nike’s upper has always been one of the highlights in its shoes, and this is no different. We will say that the support through the toe box area is far better than what you get with most other basketball shoes.

The mesh material used, along with a few other materials are great for areas that are subjected to high levels of friction


The midsole is where the shoe separates itself from other shoes on the market. It has a very interesting cushion setup that uses two types of foam and an air unit in the heel. The padding underneath the forefoot was great for longer runs over 10 miles.

We found that people preferred to put Nike Air Zoom BB NXT on the treadmill and indoors also. The outsole lacked traction which caused slip when running outside in wet conditions

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The outsole of the shoe has little in the way of tread, and this is a negative when compared to other shoes on the market. There are better options for outdoor running than what you get with the Nike Air Zoom BB NXT which makes it an indoor-only runner.

The outsole, while not that important in a sneaker, adds to the overall durability and look of the shoe. The outsole was an excellent material for providing traction on different surfaces.


The laces are thin but stretchy. We haven’t found any problems like the laces being loose or causing issues when running that have led to some blisters developing on foot. Just remember that the shoe needs to be tight in order for you to get the most out of it.

The laces looked like normal shoelaces, however, We are almost certain that Nike used some type of proprietary material in their laces. They lasted about 2-3 months before they started to show signs of serious wear and tear.

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Nike’s Zoom Air unit is famously well known for providing a great amount of bounce in their shoes, but something about it here doesn’t feel right. It feels like it takes too long for the Zoom unit to inflate, and then deflate after each stride.


The upper is made of a high-quality mesh which does a great job at keeping the foot cool. We have never seen anyone having a problem with getting blisters from wearing Air Zoom BB NXT shoes.

This is a great basketball shoe for long sessions of playing. If you don’t want to risk getting injured, this is the shoe that you should look into. It provides a stable platform that will help you from hurting yourself from time to time.

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The durability of the shoe is great, it can run about 2-3 months before it started to wear down. The biggest issue with these shoes is that the traction may wear out first.

We believe that if you take good care of your Air Zoom BB NXT shoes they will last far longer, but we also found that the lack of durability is something that can be fixed.

Nike Air Zoom BB NXT Review: Pros and Cons

  • The amount of cushioning provided is great.
  • Great upper that gives you a secure fit with no issues.
  • The Nike Air Zoom BB NXT might just be one of the most durable shoes on the market right now.
  • This shoe lacks much in the way of traction, and this makes it a poor choice for outdoor running.
  • There are some quality control issues with this shoe that need to be looked into by Nike.
  • This is an expensive shoe for what you get in return.

Nike Zoom BB NXT Performance Review

The all-new Nike Zoom BB NXT may sound like some recent superhero from a comic book or sci-fi movie, but it is actually the newest lightweight performance shoe from the makers of some amazing running shoes. Zoom Air unit has been improved to provide better bounce back and cushioning underfoot at faster paces.

This shoe will appeal to a wide range of basketball players from those who are just starting out, beginner players looking for a neutral/cushioned shoe that is lightweight and responsive.

The Nike Zoom BB NXT will appeal to advanced basketball players looking for a lightweight shoe with low heel-to-toe drop and plenty of cushions.


What are the new features of this shoe?

The Nike Zoom BB NXT has some excellent new features that make it one of the best performance shoes on the market right now. A high energy return unit in the forefoot will allow you to run further, faster without getting tired.

The lightweight construction of this shoe along with a low heel-to-toe drop makes it perfect for someone who is looking for comfort and support without being weighed down by bulky parts of your shoe.

Why should I buy Nike air zoom bb nxt?

The Nike Zoom BB NXT is a very comfortable shoe that will provide you with ample protection and comfort. It comes with many amazing features

The lightweight cushioning, the solid support system underfoot, the quality materials used in its construction make this shoe an excellent tool for all types of basketball players.

Do I need to wear Nike socks with this shoe?

Yes, you should always wear the proper type of socks while wearing your shoes. This will help protect your feet from any kind of injury that may occur while running, and it’s also a good idea to replace them when they get dirty or worn down.


This shoe is a great option for basketball players looking for a lightweight performance shoe that will not break the bank or their stride. The Nike Zoom BB NXT performs well in multiple scenarios when it comes to running, from long training runs to short sprints, this shoe will provide you with the comfort and support that you require, especially during high-impact activities.

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