New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v10 Review

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The new 1080v10 is a great shoe for neutral runners. It provides just the right amount of cushioning and support, making it perfect for long runs or short races. If you are looking for an extremely light running shoe that still offers great support then this is the one to go with!

Because of all the cool features of this pair of shoes, we have decided to make New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v10 Review so that you can get detailed insight. Stay tuned!


New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v10 Review
New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v10 Review

The New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v10 has a knit with trace fiber stitching at midfoot. It contains a modified outsole and a rear collar for a pressure-free fit. The new model of shoes is different from the older 9th model.

New balance fresh foam 1080v10 running shoes have awesome cushions and comfort levels for long-distance runners. It is the first of the New Balance shoes that have Fresh Foam X.

It has drop-in mm from heels to toe and, the shoe has a high comfort level. We have a new balance fresh foam 1080v10 running shoes review for why you wear them.

Review Of New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v10 Running Shoes:


The new balance fresh foam 1080v10 has a pretty awesome midsole which is soft and gives you bounce and, this is good for the long run. The midsole of the shoe is that soft when you are wearing it and, running feels like running on a cloud. It is lightweight and flexible, absorbs most shocks that occur while running which, is good for the long run.

It also has a pretty good outsole that uses rubber. The material used in these shoes makes a balance between rebound and flexibility. The outside edge of the sole is round which, helps in running on dirt roads. Most of the outsole is a bomber. Flex Groovers add another level of comfort in the movement of the runner to make a good run.


The new balance 1080v10 has the most comfortable and attractive shoe upper. The upper unit of the shoe consist of a stretchy knit named Hypoknit. The knit upper has many structures and thicknesses in different places like on the midfoot of the shoe for lacing.

The new balance has a well-padded gusseted tongue which is made of soft foam. It gets attached by the side of the upper to avoid sliding of the shoe tongue. In the new balance 1080v10, there is no issue of upper bunching and irritation on feet which helps the runner have a good and comfortable long run.

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The New Balance shoe version 10 fits very nicely. Because of its stretchy upper, it becomes more comfortable because it stretches when you need it. It feels free on the toe and protected at the midfoot.

For people who need wide shoes for themselves, New Balance made new models in the wide shoe which can fit easily. Also, have shoes for narrow feet and has the structure to give a snug fit.


The new balance men’s fresh foam 1080v10 running shoes have 9.9 ounces or 281 grams which are supposed to be lightweight shoes in the men’s shoe category and comfortable to ride.

In women’s shoes, the new balance women’s fresh foam 1080v10 running shoes have 8.4 ounces or 238 grams weighted shoes categorized as the lightweight shoe.

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The new balance fresh foam 1080v10 running shoes give a relaxing and smooth feel when you ride on them. It makes you feel light which helps you in a run. When you are running while wearing those shoes, you feel like you are wearing nothing.

It can also help you get a fast run because it doesn’t affect your feet and legs. You can enjoy a run while wearing the new balance shoe and listening to some good music. By wearing those shoes, you can have a ride of miles without any issue because this shoe ride feels nice like, a cushioned ride.


The new balance version 10 has an upturned Ultraheel. The heel of the shoe is high and, the approximate height of the heel is 29mm. These shoes give no weird rubbing and blistering which, helps to have a good run. With flared heel counter it looks good and, by structure, it keeps the heel at its place without slipping.

In the new balance fresh foam 1080v10 review, the thing that came into notice is that the new balance version 9 has the heel slippage issue which, leads to redesign the heel cup and, the result is that there is no more heel slippage issue in version 10.

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The cushioning of the new balance shoe version 10 is fantastic. It has Fresh Foam X which is lighter than other foams. It has the cushioning of level 5 which, is max cushioning to give comfort for the long run. It has 8.5% more cushioning and 7.5% less weight than the previous version of the new balance shoe.

The design of cushioning is natural and responsive for almost all the runners. These shoes are highly cushioned feel like designed for long runs. In the new balance fresh foam 1080v10 review, it said that the cushioning of the shoe feels lighter when you are walking on a road.


The Drop of the new balance fresh foam 1080v10 is 8mm.

Review Of New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v10: Pros & Cons:

  • A perfect stretchy knit upper
  • It is lightweight and gives a stable ride
  • It has max cushion for long-distance running
  • A great level of comfort and softness
  • The outsole is not tough
  • The price of the shoe is high.


The new version 10 of the New Balance is better than all older versions on those shoes. The 1080v10 is made for long-running so that you can have a run on your easy days.

It can handle runs almost 400 miles. After fifty miles, the sign comes on the shoe as it is used by exposing Fresh foam in the outsole of a shoe. It is soft but still compared to the other running shoes less soft.