14 Best Baseball Turf Shoes – [Review & Guide]

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Are you a professional player looking for some new cleats or someone who just wants to play the game with their family and friends? Either way, you would need a stronger grip whether you’re in it for the action on the field or off; as an avid fan or casual observer, this article has something for everyone looking for the best turf soccer shoes.

Best Baseball Turf Shoes
Best Baseball Turf Shoes

Here in this article, you will witness the secrets of having a good pair of the best baseball turf shoes, and as everyone has a different foot type and several other likes and dislikes, we have compiled a list of turf shoes so that finding your perfect match won’t be bothersome any more and you will get everything at the same place.

Buying Guide About The Best Baseball Turf Shoes

Before making any purchase, it’s always better to know about the essential features that are much needed to give you a great experience, right? So, here are a few highlights of some of the required features that you need to have in the best turf shoes.

Heel support

The best softball turf shoes are ones that provide maximum support so that you can get the most out of your game. The heel cap is one part where this shoe provides max protection and safety for all those who play on turf or grass fields. Without it, there’s a risk of slipping due to lack of grip in high-speed situations – which could lead to injury!


The material used to make the best baseball turf shoes is equally important as what it’s made of. Synthetic textiles may be the way to go if you’re searching for something more durable, lighter, and weather resistant.

The latest trend in materials is knitted uppers which provide a highly textured surface for kicking the ball around with ease. This design also provides an ultra-lightweight shoe that’s flexible enough so your feet won’t get sore after long hours!


Cushioned outsoles are essential for the health of your feet and joints. With a relaxing, shock-absorbing cushioning system underfoot as you walk or run along rigid surfaces like concrete sidewalks, tarmac roads, or rugged trails; there is less stress on your body which can prevent pain in muscles and joints.


Traction is essential for the best turf baseball shoes because it helps athletes maintain balance and stability. This also reduces the risk of injury by preventing slips and falls. If there isn’t enough traction, players will be at a greater chance of twisting their ankles or spraining their knees when they are running on slippery surfaces like grass that has been watered down.

List of Best Baseball Turf Shoes

1Under Armour Men's Glyde TPU Baseball ShoeMen’s Glyde TPU4.7
2Mizuno Men's Players Trainer 2 Turf Shoe Baseball Men’s Players Trainer 2 4.0
3New Balance Men's T4040V5 Turf Baseball Shoe Men’s T4040V5 Turf4.7
4 NIKE Alpha Huarache Varsity Tf Men's Baseball CleatAlpha Huarache Varsity Turf4.8
53N2 Men's Viper Turf Trainer3N2 Men’s Viper4.1
6Mizuno Men's Synchro Mx Baseball ShoeMen’s Synchro Mx4.6
7Nike Men's Air Diamond TrainerMen’s Air Diamond Trainer4.5
8Boombah Men's Dart Voltage Turf ShoesMen’s Dart Voltage Turf Shoes4.7
9New Balance Men's 3000 V4 Turf Baseball ShoeMen’s 3000 V4 Turf Baseball Shoe4.7
10Boombah Men's Challenger Turf ShoesMen’s Challenger Turf Shoes4.7
11Mizuno USA Men's Men's Wave Swagger 2 Trainer Baseball CleatMen’s Wave Swagger 2 4.7
123N2 Mofo Turf Trainer3N2 Mofo Turf Trainer4.1
13Mizuno Men's Ambition All Surface Low Turf Baseball ShoeMizuno Men’s Ambition 4.7
14Adidas Men's Fv9414 Baseball ShoeMen’s Fv94144.7

Best Baseball Turf Shoes

1. Under Armour Men’s Glyde TPU Baseball Shoe

Under Armour Men's Glyde TPU Baseball Shoe
Under Armour Men’s Glyde TPU Baseball Shoe


BrandUnder Armour
Soles typeRubber soles
Material100% synthetic
Weight1.48 pounds
Dimensions15.2 x 12 x 4.4 inches


Under Armour Men’s Glyde TPU Baseball Shoe has a revolutionary design that combines the best of synthetic leather and lightweight, breathable mesh for incredible feel and comfort. With full-length Micro G midsoles delivering light and low-to-the-ground performance.

This men’s baseball shoe is durable, so you can keep putting up that game-changing performance.  Have unsteady footing? No worries! This is prepped to go out with its high rebound SuperFoam insole, providing optimum shock absorption and stability, perfect for whatever your on-field needs may be.

Combine all of these benefits with an anatomically inspired non-marking rubber outsole that provides enough traction for any playing surface and with very little distance between the outsole and insole, you’ll get something amazing. They come in perfect color combinations that’ll look classic on you.

  • Matchless comfort
  • Feather-light strides
  • Ultimate stability
  • Shocks attenuating
  • Beautiful framework
  • Breathable
  • Robust material
  • Powerful traction
  • Shoes fit narrow
  • The toe box may feel a little bit hard and tight

2. Mizuno Men’s Players Trainer 2 Turf Shoe Baseball

Mizuno Men's Players Trainer 2 Turf Shoe Baseball
Mizuno Men’s Players Trainer 2 Turf Shoe Baseball


Soles typeRubber soles
Material100% synthetic
Weight2.25 pounds
Dimensions10.63 x 1.1 x 5.65 inches


Baseball coaches know that feeling of exclusivity when you walk onto a field, and every player is wearing an identical shoe. That’s why Mizuno Men’s Players Trainer 2 Turf Shoe Baseball has been designed to meet the unique demands of being both fashionable and functional in game-time performance.

No matter if you’re on turf or grass, these best baseball turf shoes are up for any challenge in any setting with their rubber sole, booty shape design for an excellent natural fit, and power-assisted outsole design that can keep athletes ahead hand over foot. Pick yours up today!

This 100 % synthetic Mizuno baseball shoe with breathable material combined with features like shock absorption provide for an excellent on-field shoe. A natural fit to reduce power loss while maximizing strong acceleration through the toe area of your feet. These shoes have a great outsole design explicitly made for harnessing speed movements as we see in baseball players.

  • Optimized breathability
  • Finest traction
  • Natural gait
  • Coolest look
  • Accelerated performance
  • Cheap sock lining makes it hard to put on
  • Narrow fitting
  • Laces provide no as such structural support

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3. New Balance Men’s T4040V5 Turf Baseball Shoe

New Balance Men's T4040V5 Turf Baseball Shoe
New Balance Men’s T4040V5 Turf Baseball Shoe


BrandNew Balance
Soles typeRubber 
Material100% Synthetic
Weight10.4 ounces
Dimensions12 x 6 x 6 inches


New Balance Men’s T4040V5 Turf Baseball Shoes are the best turf shoes for baseball. With synthetic upper, this is a lightweight and breathable design that you’re sure to love. The outsole has rotating, diamond-patterned lugs and precise rubber traction wrap for optimum comfort and movement during the game or practice session.

These shoes have been designed with structural support so they won’t bunch up when used frequently; in fact, they are built to last.

This shoe also protects from impact by being structurally sound but flexible enough to absorb any shock when running or fielding throws on soft ground surfaces such as dirt, grass infields, or sandlots—leaving your calves feeling the energy in their veins.

  • Robust construction
  • Idealize as best baseball turf shoes
  • Lightweight
  • Maximum grip
  • Keep feet cool and dry
  • Fitting may turn a little tight

4. NIKE Alpha Huarache Varsity Tf Men’s Baseball Cleat

NIKE Alpha Huarache Varsity Tf Men's Baseball Cleat
NIKE Alpha Huarache Varsity Tf Men’s Baseball Cleat


Soles typeRubber soles
MaterialSynthetic leather


The Nike Alpha Huarache Varsity Turf is a day game player that’s ready for lightning-fast moves, darting cuts, and cheetah-speed sprints. It features the durability of synthetic leather upper and underfoot cushioning for comfort.

Its aggressive rubber outsole pattern provides traction on all pregame surfaces, including grass, dirt, turf, and rubber. And its reinforced through-arch construction gives you extra stability in your stride matchless speed with every leap – serious performance has never been so much fun to run in!

When you’re ready to take your game to the next level with some best baseball turf shoes that are both durable and comfortable, there’s only one name in footwear worth knowing: Nike. Built for serious athletes who constantly push themselves.

  • Excellent performance
  • Aggressive traction on turf and other surfaces
  • Perfect fit
  • Extreme airflow
  • Elegant style
  • Withstand every weather gracefully
  • Some people felt a little discomfort

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5. 3N2 Men’s Viper Turf Trainer

3N2 Men's Viper Turf Trainer
3N2 Men’s Viper Turf Trainer


Brand3N2 store
MaterialsGenuine leather and suede
Weight3 pounds
Dimensions14 x 10.5 x 5 inches


Specifically designed for maximum comfort, the 3N2 Men’s Viper Turf Trainer is made from whisper-thin materials that are both soft and durable. The closed-toe design of these high top baseball turf shoes means you’ll get the grip you need on the base paths without ever missing time in between innings to tie your shoes.

With a uniquely engineered midsole designed explicitly for relief right through spine and knee pressure, these lightweight alternatives to heavy baseball boots allow players to move with less fatigue during high-intensity games.

And whether you’re a weekend warrior or a Sunday pitcher, these leather beauties promise one size fits all support and come in an eye-catching vibrant black color.

  • Feathery feel
  • Reduce knee and spine pressure
  • Suitable for multi-surfaces
  • Perfect fitting
  • Well constructed
  • Level up performance
  • Classy look
  • Optimized comfort
  • Available in only black color

6. Mizuno Men’s Synchro Mx Baseball Shoe

Mizuno Men's Synchro Mx Baseball Shoe
Mizuno Men’s Synchro Mx Baseball Shoe


Soles typeSynthetic soles
Material100% synthetic
Weight1.9 pounds
Dimensions11.03 x 3.09 x 4.17 inches


Breathable, durable, and responsive? Mizuno Men’s Synchro Mx Baseball Shoes are designed for players who know their game. With a completely new Mizuno sole construction that makes the shoe super-soft underfoot, you’re sure to find the perfect pair of shoes no matter how hard you play.

Enjoy breathability during every high-intensity game thanks to engineered mesh uppers, which last up to 10 times longer than other fabrics. The Mizuno Synchro MX Baseball Shoe is the perfect shoe for players looking to get an edge on their opponents. The synthetic sole and super-responsive cleats give players a competitive advantage in every game they play.

Taking performance into consideration for every detail in the design process sets this footwear company apart from others out there, making them one of the best baseball turf shoes.

  • Heavy duty
  • Cotton soft wear
  • Intense airflow
  • Easy maneuverability
  • Highly responsive
  • Size runs small

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7. Nike Men’s Air Diamond Trainer

Nike Men's Air Diamond Trainer
Nike Men’s Air Diamond Trainer


Soles typeRubber soles
Weight1 pound
Dimensions12 x 6 x 6 inches


These versatile best baseball training shoes can be used for just about anything. The Nike Men’s Air Diamond Trainer is great for wearing into the turf fields or any other fields that require good shoes with optimal grip. You’ll always have a comfortable fit, which is possible with the lightweight synthetic leather construction and upper closure.

These athletic training shoes also provide excellent protection and support with their full-length Nike Phylon midsole. They are combined with an outsole that is aggressive and features nubbies exemplifying traction; these diamond trainers give you the flexibility of having everything you need within a single shoe.

Thick and comfortable, these trainers are ready for a variety of your game’s needs. They’re perfect for batting cages, outfield training, or playing on turf fields – they’ll feel good no matter where you use them!

  • Excelled in protection
  • Great arch support
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible and robust
  • Solid, sturdy outsoles
  • Optimized performance
  • Feels a little tight

8. Boombah Men’s Dart Voltage Turf Shoes

Boombah Men's Dart Voltage Turf Shoes
Boombah Men’s Dart Voltage Turf Shoes


Weight11.25 ounces
MaterialSynthetic upper


Here are the best baseball turf shoes that leave no doubts. With all the engineering and materials you need to play on your feet for long hours, these shoes are really up to the challenge of being played hard with tons of ground covered.

The lightweight breathable synthetic upper will amaze you at how it stretches like liquid to envelop your foot and make sure that nothing can get between you and movement during gameplay! The durable rubberized skid plate on the toe cap is made for abrasion resistance, which means even when you’re going head-first into the rough territory, Boombah Men’s Dart Voltage Turf Shoes will stay strong as your feet would.

The PU foam insole is just what players need from their gear; lightweight cushioning provides you with long-lasting comfort. From one of the leaders in sports apparel, here’s a performance-engineered trainer with unmatched durability. With high-quality materials for all-day comfort, it’s the best turf shoe to keep you going strong until the end.

  • Slip-resistant
  • Quality material
  • Ultra-soft cushioning
  • Airy tread
  • Wide collection of colors
  • Affordable
  • Great traction
  • Durable
  • Not reported any yet

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9. New Balance Men’s 3000 V4 Turf Baseball Shoe

New Balance Men's 3000 V4 Turf Baseball Shoe
New Balance Men’s 3000 V4 Turf Baseball Shoe


BrandNew Balance
Soles typeRubber soles
Materials100% synthetic
Weight12 ounces
Dimensions12 x 8 x 6 inches


These shoes are made for comfort—through guaranteed cushioning. With most major league teams changing to artificial turf throughout the years, more players have been concerned about finding a shoe with the same 100% comfort.

These New Balance turf shoes feature a traditional upper made of mesh and synthetic materials, creating a look and feel to remind you of your favorite running shoes that offer protection from dirt and debris as well as turfgrass stains. And not only do they wick away moisture, but these men’s durable rubber-soled indoor/outdoor sneakers are also just what any catcher needs, whether it be in padded domes or during summer heatwaves! The Fresh Foam midsole is a precision engine for your feet.

The New Balance Men’s 3000 V4 Turf baseball shoe delivers an ultra-cushioned ride and comfortable upper like your favorite running shoes. Designed for comfort first, these baseball shoes are perfect for elite players who need to be able to play on different surfaces.

  • Quality comfort
  • Classy
  • Shield your feet against dirt
  • Blow away all the heat
  • Not suitable for wide feet

10. Boombah Men’s Challenger Turf Shoes

Boombah Men's Challenger Turf Shoes
Boombah Men’s Challenger Turf Shoes


MaterialSynthetic mesh


The new line of Boombah Men’s Challenger Turf Shoes will make you rethink your performance footwear. Offering comfort with innovation, these shoes are perfect for players who want to perform at their best. The PU foam insole combined with the cushioned rubberized skid plate provides all-day comfort that doesn’t hurt your feet.

A breathable TPU cage around the sides and toe also offers support and protection without adding weight while giving the wearer a locked-in feel. Not only does this give unparalleled mobility, but it will make every game enjoyable as they go on longer than ever before! Now you can experience what it feels like to play better than ever before.

These versatile Challenger turf shoes are built for superior performance and maximum comfort. No matter the conditions or type of foot, you will find that it fits true to size without compromising any cushioning or support.

  • Immensely breathable
  • Anti-skid
  • Utmost stability
  • Outstanding durability
  • Effortless strides
  • Awesome comfort
  • N/A

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11. Mizuno Men’s Wave Swagger 2 Trainer Baseball Cleat

Mizuno USA Men's Men's Wave Swagger 2 Trainer Baseball Cleat
Mizuno USA Men’s Men’s Wave Swagger 2 Trainer Baseball Cleat


Soles typeSynthetic soles
Material100% manmade
Dimensions12 x 6 x 8 inches
Weight11 ounces


Meet another one of the best baseball shoes which are MizunoMen’s Wave Swagger 2 Trainer Baseball Cleat. This new shoe is all about training for actual baseball players.

It features everything you need to get the perfect feel, stability, and comfort in a trainer that can stand up to anything you’re going to throw at it on the field or off. The synthetic leather upper also looks chic when paired with any casual outfit, so it’ll never have your days of style compromised.

Mizuno turf shoes keep moisture away from your feet, while with a breathable mesh fabric lining, moisture is easily removed from your feet while wearing them to keep you comfortable all day long.

  • Moisture wicked
  • Durable leather
  • Enhanced stability
  • Stylish look
  • Might feel stiff for a few users

12. 3N2 Mofo Turf Trainer

3N2 Mofo Turf Trainer
3N2 Mofo Turf Trainer


Soles typeIgnite polyurethane outsoles
Material100% leather
Weight3 pounds
Dimensions‎13 x 15 x 6 inches


Tackle the turf in style with 3N2’s Mofo Turf Trainer. Made with Genuine Leather, a lightweight design, and an Ignite outsole that provides consistent support and rotational tread patterning, these best baseball turf shoes can be used for coaching, training, or playing on turf/grass.

The glide midsole is designed to relieve knee and backpressure. The TPU shank in the arch of this product ensures superior fit and stability, so you feel steady all day long! These premium-quality shoes are made for performance and durability.

This is the best turf shoe that is lightweight and a full size bigger than your everyday shoes to give you the necessary room to spread and improve your balance.

  • Boost performance
  • Premium comfort
  • Upgraded support
  • Quality is not up to the mark
  • Soles fall off after a few wears

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13. Mizuno Men’s Ambition All Surface Low Turf Baseball Shoe

Mizuno Men's Ambition All Surface Low Turf Baseball Shoe
Mizuno Men’s Ambition All Surface Low Turf Baseball Shoe


Material100% synthetic
Weight10.6 ounces
Dimensions1 x 1 x 1 inches


The Mizuno Men’s Ambition All Surface Low Turf Baseball Shoe is perfect for those who value creativity and style. It has a lace-up closure that will make it easy to switch between sport and casual wear in an instant, plus it comes with 100% synthetic upper materials so you can be sure your shoes are always ready to go whatever the situation.

It fits well in any turf, providing optimal grip on mud, dirt, sand, and wet fields. The flexible midsole of these best turf soccer shoes helps give you stability, while the Nike Air Max unit gives your feet extra padding.

This versatile shoe can not only help you play better baseball but also football or any other sport as well, now get these shoes from your nearby sports shop or from online and leave everything to it!

  • Ultra strong traction
  • Cool lace upfront
  • Mesh upper
  • Flexible
  • Extra thick padding
  • Versatile
  • Some people reported a little discomfort

14. Adidas Men’s Fv9414 Baseball Shoe

Adidas Men's Fv9414 Baseball Shoe
Adidas Men’s Fv9414 Baseball Shoe


Soles typeRubber soles
Material100% synthetic
Weight1.74 pounds
Dimensions11 x 4 x 7 inches


With a long history, the Adidas brand is deeply rooted in sport. Everything they do is about striving towards innovation while staying rooted in their sports science expertise. It’s not just talking blisters and bunions – everyone from elite professional athletes to someone looking for a way to live an active life will enjoy what this shoe has to offer.

Whether it’s for some serious baseball or getting around town on your feet, you can trust these best baseball turf shoes because they’re specifically designed with durability and experience in mind.

The Adidas Men’s Fv9414 Baseball Shoes are great for those who enjoy working out and going to the gym. Made of a durable synthetic with a rubber sole, these shoes make for a stronger footing while still providing plenty of grip on slippery surfaces. Plus, they’ve got ventilation holes in the shoe that help keep your feet cool during workouts and prevent overheating.

  • Elite comfort
  • Alleviate bunions
  • Durable
  • The powerful grip on several surfaces
  • Extreme airflow
  • Slip-resistant
  • N/A

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of the best baseball turf shoes?

Best turf shoes are perfect for any athlete who wants the benefits of a traditional sneaker but with more traction, comfort, and durability on softball fields.
They’re designed to be used outdoors, so you can now train at your highest level no matter what weather conditions are out there!

Can I use turf shoes for indoor use?

Turf shoes and indoor shoes are as different in the game of golf as they can be. Best softball turf shoes, designed for playing on turf fields during a match or practice session, are uncomfortable when walking around indoors because the surface is smooth compared to their usual home turf field that may have some rough patches mixed with grassy areas. They don’t provide that much grip on smooth, shiny surfaces inside the home.

For how long those best turf shoes for baseball can last?

The average lifespan for most soccer cleats in one season ranges from four to eight months; however, this can vary depending on what surface you are playing on and the frequency of use.
A player who uses their shoes 3-4 days per week will want to replace them sooner because they have been worn down significantly faster, where somebody who uses theirs just once every 2-3 weeks might not need new ones until after 8 months.

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So this is the list of best baseball turf shoes that you can buy and can experience the maximum output. There are a lot of similar products in the market but we have shrunk the list for you and have picked the best out there.

Boombah Men’s Dart Voltage Turf Shoes are the best baseball turf shoes. The reason is simple; they were designed for comfort first and foremost. They have responsive cushioning, which means your feet can move freely with optimum shock absorption to protect them from impact injury when you’re playing on hard surfaces or uneven terrain.

But that’s not all these best turf shoe offers – there’s also maximum energy return, so every step feels better than before! And because of their excellent traction, it will be a lot easier to cut-off ground balls and chase down pop Truffles in the outfield too.